related projects

In the family of European projects, VETRINE contributes to strategic goals towards which other projects under the Erasmus + umbrella and beyond also are working. On this page, we share some “sister projects” whose work we believe may be of use to you.

Transitions is a strategic alliance for innovation, to nurture the textile and fashion transition to a 4.0 system and a circular economy by developing new learning methods, tools and practices to help students, young designers and professionals, to face real challenges. Transitions will create a modular training programme based on Industry 4.0 for a new circular textile and fashion system.


An ample alliance of 30 partners of the Textile, Clothing, Leather, and Footwear (TCLF) industries in Europe for strategic, educational and social actions.

The Skills4Retail project, an Erasmus + Partnerships for Innovation Funded project, brings together 29 partners to focus on fast-tracking the ‘Triple Transition’ of Green, Digital and Resilience in the Retail sector, helping retailers to embrace ecommerce and ensuring their new business models are sustainable from the start.

The Horizon-funded shemakes project (ended December 2022) provides learning modules for HET and VET in the permanent section of the website labelled “Learning”. The project focused on empowering women in the T&C industry through skills and networking.