Download the vetrine study

The Vetrine Study is an invaluable document for higher education and vocational training professionals, textile industry professionals, and future fashion designers. Inside you will find insights and trends based on feedback from over 500 T&C professionals in 7 European countries that point to what we need to focus on in our training of future and current professionals in order to encourage a more competitive European T&C market.


The Vetrine Study is the first step in the Vetrine programme which will create a custom “capacity building programme” based on the information gathered through this research. 

This free to download study has four main sections:


      1. Focus Groups report summary / We carried out focus groups with both VET learners and market-linked professionals in which both discussed where they saw gaps in current knowledge with regards to the wide topic of sustainability in the industry.
      2. Report on raw materials used during apparel production / The report on T&C raw materials classifies the fibres according to their natural plant or animal origin, or those man-made from natural or synthetic polymers. Although there are many harmful substances used in the growing and manufacturing processes, organic cotton production is growing by 25-30% per year
      3. Analysis of Vocational Education and Training (VET) Educational Protocols / many institutions offer T&C studies and can be found concentrated in areas where the T&C sector companies are established. This section analyzes enrolment and content trends.
      4. Analysis of T&C national markets and prospect of applying sustainability concepts / Six partner countries present diverse indicators that reflect their varying situations with regard to their T&C industry; learn the economic values and trends for each, in particular with regards to sustainability issues.


This study is also available in all partner languages: see the relevant pages in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Bulgarian, Greek and Lithuanian by using the language switcher above.